Licensing Error (Evaluation)

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Licensing Error (Evaluation)

Post by bpaeng » May 19th, 2008, 6:41 am


I am trying to get an evaluation version of SEP sesam to run / backup. It seems to be giving me licensing errors.

I am only intending to backup the server on which the program is installed, so there are no other clients.
I am running Novell OES2 (SLES10 with NSS) and Groupwise.
I initially installed sesam_srv v3.0 then updated with v3.4 from testing.

When I try to do a simple backup to tape, it says backup complete without writing anything to tape, then gives some errors:
W006-LICENCE - There's something wrong with encryption [Inst:n Redu:y]

looking in the logs there were a couple of other licence errors:

W009-LICENCE[ 25284]: Sorry, but the licensed server node doesn't match the local node oes2serv
W008-LICENCE[ 25284]: Sorry, but the licensed TCP/IP address doesn't match the local address

I've been told that the licence is specific to a hostname and IP address - these have not changed since installation.

In the GUI under Licence Info.. I has the following:
actual license:

Edition: Demo
Version:; Brand: 20080421131328

Server Name: oes2serv, Name in licence: unknown, Platform: DEMO
This version is not yet licensed! Please license your version under www_sep_de!

IP Address:, IP Address in licence: unknown
Time : Date of Installation 200805061607, Expiration Date 2008-06-05
: Update License Expiration Date 20080605
Do I need to initialise the licence in some way?

Cheers for any help

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