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iFolder Backup with OES Module

Posted: October 15th, 2008, 12:51 pm
by tmbm50
This note is for the SEP developers. Please add "Novell iFolder" to the list of backup types in the GUI.

You can successfully backup ifolder using Novell's TSA for ifolder using this command line option

sbc_smdr "-b" "-C" "servername:" "-S" "servername:11001," "-l" "FULL" "-s" "SF20081011085713" "-d" "SMS:/dev/nst0" "-t" "isync00001:1" "-j" "iFolder" "-i" "job=iFolder,nod=ifolderserver,cmd=sbc_smdr,src=/,ptf=UNIX,typ=iFolder,exc=" "-o" "nonfs,noxdev" "-N" "servername:isync.iFolder Store:servername:root:password:0" "/"

All you would have to do is add the iFolder "type" to the GUI to use novell's TSAIF module. Then you can claim support for another Application Module!