Exclude with File Patterns Functionality...?

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Exclude with File Patterns Functionality...?

Post by djbrightman » May 6th, 2009, 11:57 am


Just investigating the capabilities and functions of
http://wiki.sepsoftware.com/wiki/index. ... e_Patterns

What I am wondering is if it possible to exclude a pattern specified directory AND sub directories from a backup? and if so, whether it stops 'scanning' at the parent directory to save it wasting time scanning through the sub directories and contents?

e.g. the scenario I am looking at is excluding windows roaming profiles from a backup of an OES2 SP1 NSS data volume
i.e. specify backup of '/media/nss/DATA'
specify exclude of 'Windows NT 5.1 Workstation Profile/*'

Our alternative is to move the roaming profiles to another location, away from the users 'HOME_DIRECTORY', but this presents issues with a) specifying the location b) moving the files c) assigning rights, etc. etc. (we're talking thousands...)
An exclusion that excludes the files AND prevents the continued processing/scanning of subdirectories would MASSIVELY decrease our backup window!!

Any explanations, thoughts or suggestions welcome!

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