scx-1007 error backing up Scalix mailboxes

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scx-1007 error backing up Scalix mailboxes

Post by deyjvu » May 12th, 2010, 8:39 am

Using the Scalix client to backup users mailboxes and have 13 to backup but only 12 worked (the one that fails says there is a missing file so that we can sort out) but why does this backup fail if only one mailbox has a problem? I would have expected it to finish with a report that one failed?

2010-05-12 00:11:31: scx-3200: Info: Mailbox My successfully exported
2010-05-12 00:11:31: scx-3200: Info: Proccessed 13 mailboxes: 12 successful, 1 failed
2010-05-12 00:11:31: scx-3200: Info: Save Mailbox list
2010-05-12 00:11:31: scx-3200: Info: Wait for SBC
2010-05-12 00:11:31: sbc-3008: Info: Processing item: [/var/opt/sesam/var/work/_sbc_scx_/SC20100511193034/scalix/My]...
2010-05-12 00:11:31: sbc-3250: Info: Transferred: 60381 MB. Throughput: 63170.68 MB/h
2010-05-12 00:13:29: sbc-3108: Info: Item processed successfully: [/var/opt/sesam/var/work/_sbc_scx_/SC20100511193034/scalix/My]
removed `/var/opt/sesam/var/work/_sbc_scx_/SC20100511193034/scalix/My'
2010-05-12 00:13:29: sbc-3500: Info: All hardlinks completely saved.
2010-05-12 00:13:29: sbc-3006: Info: Saveset size: 67758048768 bytes. Throughput: 18003.931509 MB/Hour.
2010-05-12 00:13:29: sbc-3005: Info: Closing saveset.
2010-05-12 00:13:35: sbc-3052: Info: Items processed correctly: [12]. Not processed or incorrectly processed items: [0].
2010-05-12 00:13:35: sbc-3007: Info: Operation successful.
2010-05-12 00:13:35: sbc-3001: Info: Exiting.
2010-05-12 00:13:35: scx-3500: Info: SBC exited with [0]
2010-05-12 00:13:35: scx-3200: Info: SBC finished with exit status [0]
2010-05-12 00:13:35: scx-3200: Info: Save Mailbox list
2010-05-12 00:13:57: scx-3200: Info: Remove dump directory /var/opt/sesam/var/work/_sbc_scx_/SC20100511193034/scalix/
2010-05-12 00:13:59: scx-1007: Error: Operation failed

The line sbc-3052 above shouldn't this say Not processed [1] and not [0]? Was it just the removal of the dump directory that failed? The directory is not on the server now so it succeeded as far as we can tell.

What does the scx-1007 error refer to - what Operation failed?

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Re: scx-1007 error backing up Scalix mailboxes

Post by ossi1001 » October 29th, 2010, 8:47 am


have a look at /var/opt/scalix/<INSTANCE>/s/logs/fatal and look for the time, the backup ran. You should find an error in it.

Greetings, ossi1001

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