Scalix Mailbox backup failing although Scalix snapshot works

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Re: Scalix Mailbox backup failing although Scalix snapshot works

Post by deyjvu » September 15th, 2010, 9:12 am

We have also been experiencing a lot of SEP Scalix failures on some of our sites so we are getting familiar with some of these errors, unfortunately.

If you look back through your sesam log - best to copy and past it anywhere else but in sesam as it isn't friendly in trying to look through the logs... good enhancement for SEP!!! Anyway, once you have your log into a text editor search through and see if you have any errors from PM, like OM.PM 1004. Another thing to check in your omshowlog output for the time of the backup of the mailbox and see if sxmboxexp is reporting any errors.

I do not think I have seen the same errors that you show:
XBSA Call failed with message: System detected error, operation aborted. Data sending failed. (32) Broken pipe
but we do see the scx-1007 error which I think is a catch-all error related to the Scalix backups that says "the sxmboxexp experienced an error".

Also check the fatal file in Scalix to see if the sxmboxexp or the users being backed up are reporting any errors.

I believe once you fix these errors you will get a clean SEP backup... well I am hoping that is what will work for us.

Also try doing a manual backup for the users who report any errors or container issues during the sesam backup.

Keep us posted with how you get on.

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Re: Scalix Mailbox backup failing although Scalix snapshot works

Post by ossi1001 » September 17th, 2010, 9:43 am


the message Connection timed out usually means, a connection was established too long and that's why one component quits it. The first message Broken pipe is not defined by Sesam and so this is usually a system problem. Check the dmesg and /var/log/messages of the Scalix system due to possible disk problems. Is there a firewall between Scalix and sesam server or is both installed on the same machine?

I would recommend to execute fsck on all partitions (may also with repair option) and also this command:
omscan -Aavfx -S

This command could take a while and no user should be logged in at this time. This command is very powerful, but use it at your own risk!

Greetings, ossi1001

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