E020-HOST - RCMD backup.server.name: Error during sbc -h

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E020-HOST - RCMD backup.server.name: Error during sbc -h

Post by deyjvu » February 1st, 2013, 2:08 am

Windows computer backup.server.name is currently not reachable. (E020-HOSTS Computer backup.server.name is currently not reachable: Error: RCMD JOB.backup.server.name: Error during sbc -h)

This backup is for an MS-SQL database and there are about 10 databases on the same server all being backed up at the same time - which SEP should be able to handle on an Advanced Server but this one database that wasn't the first or the last job to start failed with this error.

The backups to the other databases started up just fine and this one was seconds after or before another backup started up, therefore the host server is reachable. Why would this one backup fail. It is literally seconds between the other jobs starting or finishing and this job failing. There is nothing else in the MAIN LOG except for the above message.

Server version is

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Re: E020-HOST - RCMD backup.server.name: Error during sbc -h

Post by jgb » February 14th, 2013, 5:36 pm


is this one task for all databases or one job per database ? Are there any entries in the Windows event log ?
May be this is a timing problem. Before starting a backup, the connection to the Sesam client will be checked, if the client do not answer within a specified time, this error occur.


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