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BSR SW/System Recovery vs. BSR_Windows

Posted: February 20th, 2015, 9:33 pm
by microchipmatt
Okay, I have some confusion in regards to BSR. I paid for BSR_Windows. On the server (servers I want to eventually set up for Bare metal recovery), I of course have Sep sesam client. The server recognizes them as a client, and I set up my backups, IE:

Backup Task-->Backup Type: BSR_Windows, I choose my client
Backup task--> All Data volumes

When I go to take my backup, even though this is a similar hardware scenario, BSR_Windows recognizes its windows server (2008 R2), assumes that the restore will be to dissimilar hardware, and then dosen't allow me to do the BSR_Windows backup task...I have 10 licenses for BSR....But I can only assume, since the client deptects it Windows Server 2008 R2, it for some reason assumes dissimilar hardware, which I find quite silly, would it know? Or why would it make that assumption. After some deep digging on the wikis, I found BSR_SW:

It seems like I could use this method to backup the system, and and restore to similar hadrware, BUT even though the BSW SW client is up to dae (The restore iso cd), the wiki is not, and some of the options that would should choose...are outdated, so based on this (I am using the newest version of SEP), I am wonbdering, for this meathod, do I choose, *System Recovery (Which automatically marks the source as system_state), and then back this up, and then do a task for my data? Is this the same as the wiki section, ... the_backup - Setting up the backup, which states the options in the older version are:
Task name: yourtask

backup Type: Path Backup
client: myclient
source: all

Also, is BSR_Windows option ONLY for dissimilar hardware, this seems silly if it is the case, bause when I look that the BSR_Windows meathod, it looks MUCH simpler.....

Re: BSR SW/System Recovery vs. BSR_Windows

Posted: February 21st, 2015, 4:28 am
by microchipmatt
"Anyone, Anyone, Bueller".......There's no one really there.