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restore groupwise

Post by ZeleD » April 1st, 2011, 1:39 pm

Hey all,

Hope some of you here can help me out a bit.

I have been taking backups of my groupwise server for some time now, no issues.
Now, I wanted to test it, recovering the files to a Oes-Linux SP2 server and cannot seem to select it. I can only select the original server.

Netware 6.5 Sp8, TSAFSGW loaded.

Sles 10SP3, OES-Linux, smdrd.conf configured with
autoload: tsafs --EnableGW
autoload: tsafsgw --home /path/to/domain-directory --home /path/to/post/office

tsafs.conf is set to use dual mode.

I can select the new server for backup using groupwise source. But cannot select it using restore.
I have read the documentation dozens of time and cannot seem to find out what im missing.
I have checked the steps for migrating files from Netware to Linux, but it doesnt change anything.

All I want to accomplish is getting the option to restore files to a diffrent server than the original netware based.

Best regards,

Gary Miles
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Re: restore groupwise

Post by Gary Miles » June 9th, 2011, 10:02 am

Hi Zele,

I had same issue. SSH to your Sesam server and enter one of the following.

For Sesam v or higher.
sm_db "update task_types set flags='os_indep', protection='A' where backup_type='NetWare'"

For v 4
sm_db "update task_types set flags='os_indep', protection='A' where backup_type='NSS File System'"

Hope this helps. Also you will need to install Groupwise (A complete new GW System)onto your SLES box and configure the Agents to allow the restore to happen.


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Re: restore groupwise

Post by booktrunk » August 10th, 2017, 9:01 am

I know this is rather old....

But i'm trying to do a restore of a Groupwise partition and thought i'd just put it on a QNAP but am struggling with this.

If it run the V4 command can i then just mount the QNAP as a directory on the same VM that has Groupwise on it and then use that to restore to?

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Re: restore groupwise

Post by mcgyver » August 10th, 2017, 2:17 pm

So you have a GW backup which has likely been grabbed via tsafs from some sort of OES? And now you want to restore it to a CIFS share?
If so, this likely won't work as the datastreams are totally different. The DB commands referenced allowed to restore a NSS backup grabbed from a NetWare source to an OES-based target.
In your case, if i've caught the offset properly, the cleanest (hesitating to use the term "clean" in this context) way should be to
- present diskspace from your NAS to VMWare via NFS or iSCSI (assuming this QNAP is able to do this)
- create a datastore on it
- carve a VMDK from the datastore and attach it to the GW VM
- create a volume on this new "LUN", restore to the new volume and define a GW restore area on it
Generally restore areas work best when they reside (at least virtually) local to the POs.

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