Rebuild sep sesam server/database from tape

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Rebuild sep sesam server/database from tape

Post by Marcel » December 22nd, 2010, 4:50 pm

We're in the process of rebuilding a sep sesam server and all what we have is a number of tapes with backups from several servers (16 savesets per tape)
Is it possible to import those sets from tape into the database?
We already used sm_recover and are able to see the savesets but that's not what we want in the end.

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Re: Rebuild sep sesam server/database from tape

Post by ossi1001 » December 24th, 2010, 9:51 am


usually the backup task SESAM_BACKUP, which is configured up from the beginning, includes all data, which are necessary to proceed a disaster restore. If this backup is not available, you have to read each tape manually. The sm_arch command will be your friend in this way.

You have to use this two commands with adjusted syntax:
sm_arch introduce -d 1 -m vdt1 -i take -o recover -t vdt100001 -T DISK_1000
sm_arch restore_journal -d 1 -m vdt1 -t vdt100001 -T DISK_1000

The first command recreates the tape in sesam and the second command rebuilds the lis-files to proceed a selective restore. The second command will take a long time, because sesam has to read the whole tape.

Greetings, ossi1001

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