Installation problem - Failed to get version

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Installation problem - Failed to get version

Post by tullis » August 21st, 2008, 2:32 pm


I am trying to install the tarball version of the sesam server, to a SLES10-SP2 x86 machine.

I know that there are RPMs but I'd rather use the tarball.

Installation fails at an early stage.
If anyone can shed any light on it, I'd be grateful.

Many thanks,
Ben Tullis

Code: Select all

backup:~/sesam_srv_3.4.1.31 # ./sm_setup make_srv -v 2 -r en
iInit() got trace level 2
iInit() got arg -r en
iInit() got language tag en
iInit() processed arguments: optind 5
iInit() not interpreted arguments 0
iUnixStuff() OS: Linux
iGetPwd() return dir '/root/sesam_srv_3.4.1.31'
iInit() get value for '[SETUP] version' from file var/ini/sm.ini
iInit() get value for '[SETUP] lang' from file var/ini/sm.ini
iInit() dialog= options=y,y,y,y,y
iUnixStuff() Distribution: SuSE
iInit() BinDir ''
iUnixStuff() HOST: 'backup' via uname()
trace to /tmp/sm_setup.lgc
vShowSetting(): CUR  DIR '/root/sesam_srv_3.4.1.31'
vShowSetting(): ROOT DIR ''
vShowSetting(): BIN DIR        ''
vShowSetting(): BIN SESAM DIR  ''
vShowSetting(): VAR DIR  ''
vShowSetting(): lLOG DIR  '/tmp'
vShowSetting(): lLOG FILE '/tmp/sm_setup.lgc'
vShowSetting(): TEMP DIR  '/tmp'
vShowSetting(): TRACELEVEL '2'
vShowSetting(): TRACE      ''
vShowSetting(): OS      'Linux'
vShowSetting(): SEP OS  'linux'
vShowSetting(): MAIN OS 'UNIX'
vShowSetting(): INST TYPE 'make_srv'
vShowSetting(): MAIN TYPE ''
vShowSetting(): SUB TYPE  ''
vShowSetting(): FORCELIST ''
vShowSetting(): STARTUP   'y,y,y,y,y'
vShowSetting(): LANG      'en'
vShowSetting(): VERSION MODE ''
vShowSetting(): VERSION      ''
vShowSetting(): VERSION MAJ  ''
vShowSetting(): VERSION MIN  ''
vShowSetting(): TIMESTAMP    '20080821141432'
vShowSetting(): HOST         'backup'
vShowSetting(): IP           '' (dummy address)
vShowSetting(): USER         'root'
vShowSetting(): PORT STPD    '11001'
vShowSetting(): PORT DB      '11201'
vShowSetting(): PORT CTRL    '11301'
vShowSetting(): PORT RMI     '11401'
vShowSetting(): HOST SESAM   ''
vShowSetting(): IP SESAM     ''
vShowSetting(): GUI HOST     ''
vShowSetting(): GUI USER     ''
vShowSetting(): OTHER HOST   ''
iInit() SEPsesam not yet installed
iInit() mode 'make_srv': bindir was empty now set to '/'
iCheck() get_skel_version dialog '', inst_type 'make_srv', version_mode ''
iCheck() existing/requested version mode ''
iCheck() get_skel_version: Failed to get version
iInit() Failed to get valid version.

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Location: Cambridge UK

I worked around it

Post by tullis » August 22nd, 2008, 12:57 pm

Hi there.

The installation still fails, but it extracts the files and I can force an install after that.

Code: Select all

/opt/sesam/bin/sesam/sm_setup make_srv -v 2 -o bin=/opt/sesam
This is the same for both the server and the client, 64 and 32 bit.

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