More newbie questions

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tim fitch
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More newbie questions

Post by tim fitch » February 22nd, 2011, 6:26 pm

I too am more familiar with another backup product line than I am with SeSam. I am finding it a bit difficult to adjust to and understand. I have a 6 slot lto loader with 1 drive running on a SuSe 10.3 server. I have setup a couple media pools (Daily and Weekly) and created new media in the Daily pool. Ran a couple test backups and was successful. Now I need to move that media into the Weekly media pool but cannot seem to accomplish that task. I am finding the wiki pages helpful but not able to resolve my task.

Also, how does one erase media? No where in the wiki is there a tip for erasing a tape and its contents. I also read somewhere that SeSam is unable to append to media tapes. That it will grab a new tape for each backup process? Seems very unproductive to run a diff backup of 4-5gb of data and write it to a 400gb capacity tape. Is this correct or now capable on version 4?

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Re: More newbie questions

Post by ossi1001 » October 4th, 2011, 11:17 pm


as far as I know you cannot delete a medium with sesam right now. You would have to use commands like tar or dd. On Windows this could be more difficult, because there is no default application to erase a tape. I found this software, but I don't know, whether this is helpful:

Sesam is able to append to tapes, but there is a restriction at the moment. For example, you have a medium in your tape drive and you start a backup to it, after you put in a new tape and start a backup to it, you cannot append data to the first tape due to the sesam database. It locks the tape and that's why you cannot append. If you do not use another tape of the same pool in the same tape drive sesam will write to EOM (end of medium).

Greetings, ossi1001

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