SEP Appliance and iSCSI

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SEP Appliance and iSCSI

Post by pad72 » July 7th, 2011, 2:00 pm

I want to use the SEP Appliance with my iSCSI SAN. To get iSCSI working I had to install the following 3 packages from the SLES 11 SP1 DVD:
lsscsi, open-iscsi and yast2-iscsi-client.

With this I was able to format and mount a 2 TB ext3 drive.

The issue I am having to how to automatically mount the iSCSI drive for use with SEP. If I put the drive in /etc/fstab i have problems because iSCSI is activated later in the boot process.

Can I have the SEP startup script mount the drive? Also my iSCSI SAN can support much larger drives than 2TB.

The reason, I believe, the appliance will not support larger than 2TB is that the following Kernel Variable has to be set: "Enable Block Layer-->Support for Large Block Devices"

It would be nice if those three packages were automatically included in the SEP Appliance as well as that kernel variable being set.

I would appreciate any help on how to automatically mount the drive so that the SEP Appliance can use it.

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Re: SEP Appliance and iSCSI

Post by ossi1001 » October 4th, 2011, 11:07 pm


i would recommend this article: ... _for_Linux

Greetings, ossi1001

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