Backup to removable drives

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Backup to removable drives

Post by ian » June 19th, 2013, 2:51 am

Our data is starting to exceed the capacity of our tape Autoloader, so I'm looking at using backup to disk using USB hard drives (at least for full backups) instead of buying a new backup unit and tapes. I've been following the instructions at ... _SEP_sesam to configure this but when I went to add the third 2TB drive, I ran into the 4TB limit of our license for backup-to-disk.

Is it correct that we need to license enough disk space for all the removable disks we want to use, even if we only use one drive at a time?
Or is there another way I should be doing this?

Even if we only do a full backup 4 times a year and overwrite the data after 12 months, we would need to have 4 x 2TB drives. If we keep an annual backup indefinitely, we would either have to license an extra 2TB every year or copy the data off onto a series of (relatively expensive) tapes and then re-use the drives.


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