date handling in GUI

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date handling in GUI

Post by varpan » March 12th, 2015, 10:28 am

We use the view media to get a list of tapes to move offsite.

We use the filter function in the GUI to filter out tapes by Last init, or sesam_date in the databse.
However this date is stored as full date (with time) in the database but is only shown as YYYY-MM-DD in the GUI, this means that when we look at the dates when we try ti apply the filter the GUI shows several dates in the filer list with the same date.

This sometimes makes us miss tapes that should be moved offsite.

We have tried to use the filteroption "on or after" as well but this is not always correct either.
As a workaround I now use SQLLite Administrator and do the query directly against the database with a subset on the last_init column:

Code: Select all

select barcode,substr(sesam_date,0,10),pool, eol, slot, loader  from media
where loader = '4'
and substr(sesam_date,0,10) = '2015-03-09'
order by slot asc
Could it be possible to change the GUI to show the Last init/sesam_date as only date (YYYY-MM-DD), to avoid that there is several days on one one day?

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Re: date handling in GUI

Post by fosep » March 20th, 2015, 12:13 pm

Hi there,

thanks for your request.
This function is not implemented yet. We can add it to our change list.

BR, Florian

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